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2019 Divine Mothers Blessing, Light Language and Healing Transmission                                                     Enjoy a  a powerful message, healing light language transmission and activation from Divine Mother to bring you more fine tuned and connected to the power of the Divine within you.

Blessing Transmission and Activation for 2018:  

It's time. Ask Holy Spirit to open the gates of your heart and remove anything that is in the way of your good and to allow the pillars of Divinity to hold you strong in who you really are. 

Learning To Access The Bridge between Earth and Higher Dimensions:                                                                 Join  in this Transmission for an extended Blessing Transmission and Message to assist you in gentle receiving and understanding of the most powerful energies of Love and Healing yet, and to learn more about the BRIDGE for accessing 7th dimensional healing support for our earth bound ascension of our 3rd Dimensional densities. Enjoy the March 25th blog below for a powerful and beautiful meditation for assisting learning to access the BRIDGE.

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March 25, 2017

A MESSAGE FROM jami lee-- MEETING AT THE BRIDGE Beyond the earth veil in your light body

It is a powerful time!  Hearts are expanding, the world is transforming and photon LIGHT is pouring in through us individually and collectively. The world is expanding... The Universe is expanding...   Every breathe we take now is delicious Light that knows how to heal, enlighten and transform. The Lions Gate Portal opened in 2016 and is bringing humanity closer to the heart of the Light. Cosmic forces since continue to support and clear old patterns of limitation and duality. Forces have never been more in support and alignment to assist humanity in experiencing being able to connect beyond earth bound timelines. Many people can now or will soon be able to see or sense this Bridge between worlds now. We can meet each other in the higher planes here and not be attached to our lower mind consciousness here, so there is much healing and grace we can bring to each other here to resolved otherwise unresolved issues on earth in our lives. Make this intention with your heart if you feel ready to assess beyond the veil. Close your eyes now, take a deep breath and ask your Higher Self to reveal this Bridge to you if you feel guided. 

Imagine for yourself that you are standing on the bridge between the old world and the Light that is transforming everything. Look ahead of you and see the Golden Light that is emanating powerfully. Rainbow lights shimmer from this light and explode sacred geomentry encodements that activate your DNA and absorb effortlessly into your being. Waves of Love flow to you and the Light beckons you to breathe fully and allow the transformation.

You may walk closer to the Light but notice there is a soft shield that prevents you from going directly into it. Why? Because for many of us, it's not time to go. There is more to transform here, and Heaven wants to come through us here. There is no longer anywhere else to go.   The Light is bringing more of our magnificence here and we are needed as LightWorkers and ground crew to amplify this light through us for this world-- for humanity, for Gaia and all for kingdoms that share this world.  

Feel the Light from this Bridge.  This is holy ground where Heaven meets as you now.  This is your renewal spot.  This is your fill up spot when your human tank is low or you desire a boost. You may meet others here in their "higher self" aspect and heal here what can not seem to be healed or communicated on earth in current time/space consciousness. Come here anytime... Breathe. Restore. Renew. Connect. Transform. It is here, on this Bridge, where you can quantum leap through any experience that makes you feel less than or earthbound in too much density. Fill up from the Bridge... Feel and breathe the Liquid Light.  See the Light patterns, pulsations, illuminations and orbs come to you. Bask in this magnificence.

When you are ready, continue to breathe deeply and look to your world behind the Bridge and see it gently for all it has provided... joy, pain, compassion, envy, jealously, shame, guilt, estasy, alienation, magnificence, greed, unkindness, enchantment, disease, everything... Observe it for everything it has provided. Feel the feelings that come up. Allow any emotions that occur. Quietly allow. Feel the grace of saying thank you to all of it.  Everything has played out here so we would experience all sides.  We would learn that there is no spot that God is not.

Our hearts want us now to fully choose Love in all of our behaviors and choices. We learned to invite Love into every area of ourself that forgot there is life beyond the shadow. We learned that the shadow is a part of the Light. We graduate now, seeing only the One. We feel the strength of the Light, while we still feel compassion for the world and her people and all kingdoms upon it.

Bow now to this world. Turn again to see the Light shinning upon you on the Bridge and bow to this Light. Realize that you no longer live in the old world, but are now an ambassador to the new world birthing from the old. The Light of Heaven pours through you now. Feel this. See this for yourself. With grace and a humble heart, ask anyone or anything from the old world that is not forgiven or complete within your heart to come forward. Ask your Higher Self to help you. Allow the process to unfold. See the faces of those whom there may still be a feeling of any kind of impediment to experiencing full love within you. Set yourself free with anything outstanding. Call forth everything known or unknown within your evolution to come into the Light. Bless everything. Thank everything for the lessons learned. Share your heart  Breathe and transform by the Light that illuminates you and see this Light radiate our to all whom you are clearing your heart with now. You can come to this Bridge anytime to do this.

The Bridge is always here for you. This is a sacred spot for you to feel yourself strengthened by the Light. You can meet your guides and teachers here--your Higher Self, the Ascended Masters, saints and prophets, the angels and the Holy Family-- all can meet you here and celebrate you and provide counsel when you desire. You are no longer alone, and here on this Bridge, the veil can be non existent. 

The Bridge is a gift for those who are ready to have a solid ground in which to stand when things feel shaky on earth. Come here to center, breathe, transform and to ground on sacred ground that will not be at affect of what happens in the world. It is here where you will breathe and direct the Light unto that which still casts shadow in a tired world transforming.  Stand centered and bask in the Light as it pours through you, amplifying you as a beacon of light that will shine into the world thirsty for the remembrance of the Light. This is how we transform the world. We refresh in this Light, and It does the work through us. It simply needs us to be vehicles of Light, Love and Compassion. Breathe. Allow... And it is done, in simplicity and peace.

Thank you for allowing this experience into your hearts. Thank you for coming to the Bridge and saying yes to the beckoning of your Higher Self that calls you to this Bridge. In due time, many will go on from the Bridge into the Light to live and assist from the higher dimensions.  Others will stay as ambassadors, "bridgers" between worlds to assist humanity forward. Each person will follow their own call. Thank you beloveds, for answering your call to receive this message. Together, we are transformed by the Light at this auspicious time.

You are loved. You are magnificent! You are courageous, and the great beings of Heaven bow to you for your transformation and your service to the Light. Creator looks upon you and says, "In you, I am well pleased! And, you are dearly loved."

I am Jami Amana, and I bring this message to you from the Heart of the Mother and the Divine Feminine. 

--Jami  Lee

July 26th, 2016 

A MESSAGE FROM THE AMANA TRANSMISSIONS-- the great initiation of choice: the lions gate 2016 

It is here.  On July 26, 2016, Gaia births into 7th Dimensional Frequencies at the headwaters of the The Lions Gate Portal.  Here, for those of us ready, we meet at the chalice of the greatest initiation for humanity yet.  It is here, with joy or panic, we set our course for how we experience greater planetary changes to come. 

Here, right now, we are birthing more of our Divine Light into our human bodies than ever before.  Truly, it is a time of choice to live what the famous and beautiful Cherokee Parable teaches— which wolf will we feed.  Will we feed and share the magnificent LIGHT of Oneness, or will we feed the fear and annihilate our hearts from each other?

Light workers, Lovers of the Christ, Gentle hearts, meet me at the chalice of your heart which knows only LOVE. Choose all that blossoms you in Grace of KNOWING and living at this place.  Our Light is needed now to hold Holy Presence  and direct the blessings into the hearts of humanity and the grid lines of this planet. Do not exhaust yourselves entering battles that are not yours or lament contaminating your frequencies with the angst of the struggle of these changing times. You are needed to Love and Bless those caught up fighting in the game,  struggling to awaken and remember there is a different way that waits quietly within their hearts to beckon them home when they’ve had enough of a world outgrown. Each, in their own time, chooses to set down their swords of righteousness, karmic re-cycle and exhaustions of being held captive in a matrix that isn’t authentic.  And in exchange, each one then surrenders to the Light, to the throne of heaven— whatever their words, theologies and concepts are. Each in their own way must call out to Love and the greatest of Light— Creator.  Each in their own way awakens when it is time for them.  Beloved ones, pray for them. Direct Creators Light through the infinite portal gateway of your heart where you know this Light.  

You are loved. Carry on, you are blessed and I love you. I am proud of you. I know it’s been difficult, and I know it’s been magnificent.  Let us breathe as one now. Tipping point is formally here. Cross the line, which is only now a thin veil of your own hesitation to believe it can be NOW. Because it is NOW.  The Lions Gate 2016 welcomes you more fully to the heavens by your own heart than you can imagine it can be. Don’t figure it, just say yes and sit at your altar now to breathe your own initiation fully. 

A blessings transmission is available for you to assist at: 

Welcome the greatest initiation of choice ever available for humanity now.  The Lions Gate, July 26, 2016 is the birthday for the new world, bringing 7th dimensional frequencies to the planet to lift those who are ready. Choose now, which wolf will you feed in these planetary changing times. With Love, you are safe, blessed and your magnificence amplifies!  Together, we soar!

I am Jami Lee, and I bring this message to you from the Heart of the Mother and the Divine Feminine. 

—Jami  Lee



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